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What are the benefits of an After school Homework Class???

1. Students are more motivated to their homework when in a group friendly setting.

2.Students are able to get individual help in staying focus while given the right amount of break and playtime between sessions when they first arrive.

3.When students begin to meet their homework goals their personal growth will rise in their self-esteem, sense of accomplishment, learned responsibility, positive attitude about school and homework and felt more supported throughout the day

 After School Homework Classroom 

For many students, homework is stressful. For many busy families, it’s hard to find the time, space and energy to fit homework into an already jam-packed daily schedule. For some, home life can often be chaotic, loud and full of distractions. Increasingly, there’s a divide between those who believe that homework plays an important part in learning and those who suggest the time would be better spent playing outdoors, with family and developing relationships. No matter where you stand, you may be tied to the homework policy of your school. So, it’s important to understand your school’s homework policy.

Melody’s Pond understands how difficult it is for students who are repeatedly failing to complete homework, take the time after school to unwind and redirect their efforts to continued studies after a long day at school.

Our After School Homework Classroom is a safe, supportive and productive student meetup out of school hours to assist students in completing their homework. It provides vital support for children who do not otherwise have the help and direction needed to stay focus and complete their work. 

What our After School Homework Classroom provides...

•a safe, quiet and calm space for students to concentrate

•a supportive environment

•one to one or small group support

•a chance to share knowledge

•an opportunity to build relationships

•an opportunity to develop good work habits and a positive attitude towards learning

•the chance to develop skills involved in becoming an independent learner.


*After school Program Begins September 5th

*Schedule a tour today



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