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Consultation and Assessments Services

Provider Consultation

Are You a childcare provider looking for professional consultation. Hiring a consultant can help improve your personal performance. We can help guide you make necessary changes to achieve success in your school and childcare. Some of our Add-ons services include, but are not limited to...

 1.Social Media Coaching

2.Local Advertising Coaching (City sponsor events and other collaborations)

3.Educational Preschool Program Coaching

4.Kindergarten Readiness Program Coaching

5.Employee Training Coaching (on-call option available)

6.Workshop Trainings for Staff and Admin

Kindergarten Readiness Exam & Assessment

Kindergarten screening is important as a prevention or early intervention tool to determine which young children are at risk for developmental, behavioral, or academic difficulties. We offer a one time screening exam for any child over the age of 5 going into Kindergarten. Our 1 hour Entry Exam touches on some of the following areas...

  1. Social and Emotional Development
  2. Early Phonics Understanding (Letters/writing)
  3. Mathematical Understanding
  4. Gross/Fine Motor
  5. Sorting and Classification

Toilet Training Readiness

While Melody's Pond Preschool do not Potty train their students, we do offer parents a Toilet Training Class where we teach parents an easy to follow schedule and positive training process to make toilet training an easier transition. This class comes with an at home visit on the first day of Potty training. Age recommendation 3+

Provider Consultation

Tier One

Tier Two

Tier Three

Free 30 min Initial Phone Call

Kindergarten Entry Exam

Per Entry Exam

*Student does not need to be enrolled in our preschool to do an entry exam.

1 hour exam and 30 min parent consult

Toilet Training Parent Class


Home Visit Included

1 Hour Parent Class

1 hour Home Visit

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