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Melody's Pond Enrichment Programs

Melody's Pond offer preschoolers special interest classes that are available for all children enrolled. These enrichment classes are a great addition to our regular curriculum and are age appropriate. Fun and engaging activities include Sports Program, Dance and Music, Spanish Language.

*Due to Covid 19 regulations, some Enrichment are closed

"Preschoolers need lots of physical activity. JumpBunch provides ​great exercise, but in a structured format that introduces a wide variety of sports, builds coordination, balance, and confidence. It's amazing how this early exposure makes kids more willing to give new sports a try as they get older."

East Bay JumpBunch

Sports and Fitness for Kids


coming soon
Our Spanish class offers children the ability to learn basic phonic and reading skills at an appropriate preschool level through music and fun crafts.

*Spanish Classes Begin September

Special Guests

Melody's Pond often has special guest to teach and engage students in fun varied activities.

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