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Melody's Pond Infant Class 6m-24m

Infants learn through exploration in their environment. Infants require and active play space for playing, sleeping, eating, and interacting with their caregivers. When an infant explores a safe environment, they not only feel safe but also secure, and loved. Melody’s Pond Infant Class is more than just childcare. In our program, your child will learn and discover using all their senses, model play actions from their caregivers around them, explore and play with different toy instruments, explore different textures, colors, and learn a variety of new words and sounds through play. As your infant’s primary caregiver in our program, we guide your infant’s development while creating a bond of trust between child and parent.

2022 Updated Enrollment Requirements for our Infant class include... Infants 6-12m must be off the arm at least 90% of the time, infants must be bottle trained PRIOR to the first day of enrollment, this include breastfed infants, parents must provide ALL food including, baby cereal, fruit pouches, formula/BM, must be nap trained to noise and off the arm (we do not put our sleeping infants in different rooms by themselves. To prevent further injuries to our staff, we no longer sleep infants while holding). 

Follow this link to read about preventative tips for infants.


*Melody's Pond Infant Class Enrollment availability: Currently only accepting infants ages 12months-24months. 4/23

What our Infant Class Offers:

•Nurturing and age-appropriate environment

•Educational toys and stimulating activities

•Curriculum, Observation and Individualized Programming

•Immersive learning enrichment experiences

•Individualized infant meal planning

•Small group for Optimal Ratio

•Family Involvement and Cultural Continuity

"In the garden of humanity every baby is a fresh new flower" Debasish Mridha 

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