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Children are fed nutritionally on a daily basis – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack as required through enrollment. We accommodate Vegan, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and other food-related allergies and serves organic produce. Cakes, cookies, and other “not so nutritious food” may be served during special events like birthday parties, and holidays. We want your children to enjoy their time with us., so any customs in food or preferences your family has, is something we would like to know and continue throughout their day here. Melody’s Pond adheres to California State licensing regulations, which includes what we feed your children. The children in our care are our priority, therefore our staff will not be taking pictures and posting each individual meals served throughout the day, as that may total to 6 meals for some children. A written menu can be proved by request each week. Bellow is sample pictures of meals and snacks offered in our Preschool. 

*Nutrition for Infants under 2 years old must be provided by parents. Cooking/Recipe assistance is available.   

Meals and Snacks

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