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We found that Mirna treated our daughter as if she were her own child, and we were very happy with the time that our daughter spent with her. Mirna is very accommodating of busy parents' schedules, which really helped.

She is a wonderful person and full of love for the children she takes care of.

Nandita Ganesh

Our son is currently attending Melody's Pond and is doing excellent! He never wants to leave and loves his teacher dearly. It is nice to have the peace of mind while at work that your child is in great care and building a solid foundation for his future. Thank you Mirna for all you do!

Jamie Jenkins

In addition to being an excellent daycare teacher, Mirna was very helpful in pointing me and our family towards community resources and events. Also, when it comes to knowing the system in regards to kids with special needs, Mirna is your go-to person.

Reference Letter

Noel Lawrence

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