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Melody's Pond Preschool 

Our Philosophy

Melody's Pond Preschool is a year-long private Early-Childhood School focused on encouraging and supporting the academic and social growth of the whole child. Our personalized blended-philosophy brings knowledge from Montessori, Traditional, and Play-Based fundamentals. We believe that no one Philosophy is a prefect fit for every child. Melody's Pond program is based on the respect for the uniqueness, talents, abilities and dignity of each individual student. This approach in education and childcare allows children the freedom to experience their own creativity, explore their world around them, and develop their inner strengths and resources in different setting throughout their day at preschool. Mutual respect and cooperation are encouraged, along with academic learning, socializing, problem solving, and of course, fun. It is our belief that children who experience this blended-philosophy delight in their sense of independence and accomplishments, accept responsibility, like and respect themselves and others. These children will continue to explore and discover with confidence and enthusiasm and have strong foundation for further academic and social success. 

Mirna Bymaster

*Now Enrolling 
Infants 12 month and up

Melody's Pond 2023 Summer Camp

Our 8 week program is a great time to have fun and review lessons from throughout the year. During our summer camp we set up fun themes that incorporate summer arts/crafts, cooking, outdoor fun, Enrichment Activities, special guests, along with plenty of outside play exercise to encourage physical wellness and strengthen children's motor skills. We accommodate Vegan and food allergies.

Permanent Enrollment after summer is determined on Wait-list.

*Classes Star Tuesday, June 20st

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